• capabilities & benefits

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    VisuWall provides you with a new standard of smart outdoor advertising


    Target the consumer segment you choose on a hyper targeted level using the canvas of storefront windows in particular neighborhoods in key DMA's.


    Consider the zone of the windows as a means to connect wth consumers as they traverse through the hardscape of major cities and being able to connect with them on their mobile. Through our mobile proximity technology, brands have the option to drive their message


    Track foot pedestrian and vehicle traffic counts and know how long people are engaged with the creative in window. Real time analytics provide brands with insights unattainable with stand alone creative.


    The VisuWall Footprint spans in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.


    The network provides a comprehensive list of benefits

  • How It Works

    For Advertisers



    Explore VisuWall's active inventory by DMA and/ or neighborhood. Reach your target audience leveraging the footprint with hyper targeted messaging


    Plan & Book

    Secure locations 2-3 months out from desired flight date. VisuWall works to ensure the traffic and mobile impressions for the duration of your campaign.



    Consider the opportunities to connect with consumers on their physical to mobile journey. High impact art that drives consumers to mobile in the most engaging ways.



    Once creative is submitted, enjoy the benefits of the VisuWall system. Analytics are provided to you on a monthly basis or at the end of your campaign.


    We currently have locations in New York and Los Angeles and actively building our inventory to launch in new markets soon!
    Have a window or need a window to submit? Please shoot us a note!